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Travel picture quiz – can you name these cities from their taxis?
Taxis are one of the most iconic images of a city. How many of these 10 cities can you name in our gallery of taxis from around the world? Answers here

Give us a toon: your best animations
In January, we asked you for your best animations – and they came flooding in. From a claymation comedy set in the Arctic to the Thriller dance done by Lego men, our animation expert Sofronis Efstathiou has handpicked his top 10

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How to wear art-house fashion – video
From Jackson Pollock-influenced dresses to floral and colourful skirts and tops, this season is all about splashes of colour, brush strokes and artistic references in fashion.
Jess Cartner-Morley talks through a selection of art-house clothes that can be included in your summer wardrobe
Why are we really overweight?
UK adults eat below the recommended calories per day, and most meet suggested activity levels, but more than half of us are overweight or obese, report the latest official figures released today
The latest official statistics on diet, lifestyle and obesity are released today by the Health and Social Care Information Centre. A link to the full report is here. This is not all new data, but brings together the latest figures for 2012 in one place, together with previous research on the issues, and so is the most up to date source of information about the state of the UK.

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H&M Pledges $28 Million to UNICEF, WaterAid, CARE

In an effort to support education, clean water and women empowerment programs, H&M’s Conscious Foundation will donate over $28 million to global programs that enact change. The chosen innovators include UNICEF, WaterAid and CARE, which strive to implement new policies for long lasting change in each of these areas. Starting in February 204, the funds will be distributed between the three programs, in H&M’s support of sustainable development.

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Older models: the women in their 60s, 70s and 80s who are shaking up fashion
Amid a sea of teenagers, this season's most striking faces are 60-plus and have other jobs. Are older models here to stay? Anne Karpf finds out
Her body is lithe, her full lips bright red, her hair thick and tumbling. There's just one thing that distinguishes Jacky O'Shaughnessy, the latest face of American Apparel, from the models in any other fashion campaign: she's got grey hair. American Apparel's choice of a 62-year-old model to represent their brand coincides with Vivienne Westwood's 2013/14 campaign, shot by Juergen Teller, which features 60-year-old musician Leslie Winer. Meanwhile, 70-year-old Catherine Deneuve fronts the latest Louis Vuitton campaign.

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My life in London's houseboat slums
Where do you live if you cannot afford London's soaring rents? I took the only home I could find: a tiny, mouldy room in a freezing barge on the Thames. And there are many desperate people in the same situation

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Zaha Hadid Among Six Firms Picked to Design Fancy New Water Fountains for London
A new kiosk design challenge will not only result in a series of beautiful fountains across London, but also reduce the amount of environmental waste created by the city's reliance on bottled water. Six British architectural firms have been selected to take part in the competition, including Zaha Hadid Architects, Hopkins Architects, Studio Weave, Eric Parry Architects, ADAM Architecture and Allford Hall Monaghan Morris (AHMM). Keep reading to see some of the stunning design proposals.

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Weather view: February
We're looking for your best beautiful and striking weather-related photos. From sunshine to snowstorms, share your pictures of this week's weather and we'll choose a selection to be printed in the paper.
From heatwaves in Australia, to snow in the US and Middle East, to storms

How to cook the perfect falafel
Do you make falafel with chickpeas or broad beans, what do you serve them with – and are they the best vegetarian fast food ever?
Jack Monroe's roasted cauliflower, garlic and fennel soup recipe
Cauliflower combines beautifully with roasted onion, garlic and fennel seeds to make an earthy winter soup

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London fashion week autumn/winter 2014 - the live blog, day five
Live coverage of all the shows, trends, front row action and backstage gossip from the foruth day of LFW

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French chef Alexandre Gauthier attempts to put an end to food selfies
La Grenouillère menus show pictogram of camera with line through it as chef wants diners to eat food, not photograph it

Chef Alexandre Gauthier has a helpful suggestion for diners at his Michelin-starred restaurant: eat.
It may be stating the obvious, but Gauthier says he has noticed some customers seem more interested in photographing their food than putting it in their mouths.
He said: "They used to come and take pictures of themselves and their family, their grandmother, whoever, as a souvenir. Now they take pictures of the food, they put it on Facebook or Twitter, they comment. And then food is cold.

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Jack Monroe's female food heroes of Tanzania – video
Jack Monroe, who writes the blog A Girl Called Jack, is a powerful new voice in British food. Just a year ago Jack was writing about feeding her small family on £10 a week, now she's petitioning Parliament to highlight food poverty in the UK and about to publish her first cookbook. Here she is seen in Tanzania, a trip organised by Oxfam to draw attention to projects involving inspirational women in difficult circumstances
Backstage beauty: makeup tips to match the professionals

From the no makeup look all the way to orange lips, here's how to get the new season's looks
Orange lips

Where Creatures of the Wind, Desigual, MSGM, DSquared, Rag & Bone, Prabal Gurung.
Why Orange lipstick gives the same face-brightening boldness as red, but feels more summery and cool. It allows you not to bother with complex eyeshadow looks – just one bright lipstick does the whole job.
How Start with matte, powdered lips. Take a soft, sharp orange lip pencil and stand your elbow on a table top. Trace around the natural shape of your lips, starting in the upper lip's V and working outwards. Use a flat, sharp-edged lip brush to fill in with lip colour. Matte, satin and gloss are all fine, but avoid frost and shimmer.
With Every backstage makeup artist seemed to choose Mac's Pro Longwear Lip Pencil in What A Blast! (£14.50) to line the mouth before filling with orange. At Rag & Bone, Gucci Westman used Revlon's new ColorBurst Matte Balm in Mischievous (£7.99), while Charlotte Tilbury chose Mac's Morange lipstick at Prabal Gurung. I also love Bourjois's Rouge Edition Lipstick in Orange Pop Up (£8), but if bright orange seems too scary, try an orange-based tomato or coral red. My favourites are Mac Lady Danger and Tom Ford's Firecracker.

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To Stop the Coffee Apocalypse, Starbucks Buys a Farm

Carlos Mario crouches next to a knee-high seedling growing in a plug of volcanic soil wrapped in black plastic. The young plant will one day be a coffee tree. A yellow sign identifies it as “Par 1 Plan 1,” the code name for a new coffee hybrid. The mermaid logo on Mario’s black cap identifies his employer.
Par 1 Plan 1 is one of 165,000 seedlings growing on a Costa Rican ridge 4,500 feet above sea level. The plants are arranged in long, neat rows within a 7.5-acre trapezoid crisscrossed with white irrigation pipe; there are scores of varieties, with names like Obata, Bourbon 2, and Et 47-P1. The patch is an open-air laboratory where Mario, a slight, 52-year-old agronomist with a salt-and-pepper mustache, tends to what he calls his “little babies.”

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Watch How McDonald's Makes Chicken McNuggets

Here are a series of videos from McDonald's Canada that attempt to answer the question "What's in a Chicken McNugget?" in a positive way. To that end, McDonald's takes viewers into the Cargill production facility in Ontario, where the nuggets are made, packaged, and shipped across Canada. It's not a particularly attractive process:

9 deluxe weight loss vacations

Thermia Palace, Slovakia
The Art Nouveau Thermia Palace in Piešťany, Slovakia, has for over 100 years welcomed anyone from kings, sheiks and czars, all wanting to experience the sulfur-rich thermal mineral waters and healing mud sources on the spa island.
The 20-strong medical staff in Piešťany focus on wellness and weight loss, aiming to become once again Europe's top medical spa.
Its one-week slimming spa stay program includes a doctor consultation and health examinations including metabolic functioning, nutrition planning, fitness training and a wide assortment of doctor-prescribed therapies (up to 30 a week), such as hydromassages and medical massages to increase blood circulation.
Guests can have a sulfur mud bath under the stained-glass windows to target specific problem areas.
The slimming program focuses not only on diet and fitness, but also on preventing damage to joints and to the body. Natural springs have been proven to aid in diseases such as rheumatism, and also give incredible energy and strength to anyone coming to kickoff a fitness lifestyle.
"With the pharmaceutical industry, it's not well-known if the treatments will last, or what kind of long-term damage is being done," says CEO Klaus Pilz, who says their programs are so effective that over 50% of repeat guests visit at least once a year. "As a medical spa, the only side effects of our treatments are sore muscles after a massage."
Weight Loss at Thermia Palace is a unique program designed by Wellbeing Escapes and costs from £902 ($1,482)/per person for a seven-night stay inclusive of all spa treatments, fitness classes, luxury accommodation and meals; +44 207 644 6111; www.wellbeingescapes.com
Cargotecture For Micro Lots

Brooklyn-based couple Michele Bertomen and David Boyle have built a one-family house out of shipping containers on a very small plot in their neighborhood Williamsburg. Using containers as a building material is not something particularly new, as cargotecture has taken a massive rise over the past years. This single-family house, however, takes it to the next level. It’s well-integrated in the existing urban context, looks good and brings in a solution for small plot-building.

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The food of love: Yotam Ottolenghi's recipes for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a time to push the culinary boat out for your significant other. And my smoked fish quiche, duck and pomegranate wraps and rice pudding with a twist fit the bill perfectly

The Eight Best Brunches in London

Much as we enjoy indulging in a full English on weekends, we confess to being thrilled at London’s expanding midday meal offerings. A number of restaurants across the capital, from Thai cafés to all-day New Zealand-inspired eateries, have launched all new brunch menus filled with exciting eats over the course of the past few months. For those looking to indulge in a languorous, multi-hour long meal with rib-sticking fare, endless cups of coffee and an exceptional Bloody Mary, or several, our favourite London brunches are sure to do the trick. Don’t worry about shuffling up bleary-eyed, uncombed and hungover, though: that’s all a part of the experience.