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The homelessness crisis in England: a perfect storm

Last year, 112,070 people declared themselves homeless in England – a 26% increase in four years. At the same time, the number of people sleeping rough in London grew by 75% to a staggering 6,437. Why? A £7bn cut in housing benefit, welfare reforms and a huge lack of affordable housing

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Gerry Goffin: six of his best songs
From the Shirelles' soundtrack to mid-century teenhood to Dusty's delicately philosophical pop and Aretha Franklin's inimitable love song – listen to some of the late songwriter's greatest creations

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How to make brilliant bruschetta
Bruschetta is an exercise in getting the basics right; balancing the flavour, texture and temperature of simple ingredients to create something greater than the sum of its parts

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Nigel Slater's aubergine and mozzarella recipe
A light summer meal that works with goat's cheese too
I'm boycotting tropical prawns. But slavery demands a political solution
As consumers we can do our bit. But supermarkets and prawn producers will take action only when our leaders do
We must have luxury fish as an everyday treat, even if it destroys ecosystems and enslaves workers.' Illustration: Matt Kenyon
Should we boycott prawns? I have been asked that question repeatedly since the Guardian's investigation revealing the use of slaves in the chain that brings them from Thailand to our plates. The slavery we uncovered was no metaphor – we found trafficked migrants who had been bought and sold, and forced with extreme violence to work at sea for no pay for years. The fish they catch is used to make feed for intensive prawn production by the world's largest producer and supermarket supplier, CP Foods.

The playlist: reggae/dancehall/soca
It’s almost officially summer, so what better time to take a look at what’s bubbling in the world of dancehall – from Konshens' homage to a great to Alkaline's antidote to hardcore vibes
• Why you should listen to Popcaan's Where We Come From – video

Britons prefer Prince William to the Queen, says poll
Prince of Wales lags well behind in popularity poll but royals come out significantly better than Westminster politiciansBritons prefer Prince William to the Queen, according to an opinion poll. But both royals are significantly more popular than the UK's best-known politicians.
Of more than 2,000 people surveyed by ComRes for the Sunday Mirror and Independent on Sunday, 68% expressed a favourable view of the young royal compared with 63% for his grandmother.
The Prince of Wales lagged well behind on 43%, but even the heir to the throne enjoyed a better rating than any of the Westminster figures.

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ExposeFacts: For Whistleblowing, Journalism and Democracy
Launched by the Institute for Public Accuracy in June 2014, ExposeFacts.org represents a new approach for encouraging whistleblowers to disclose information that citizens need to make truly informed decisions in a democracy. From the outset, our message is clear: “Whistleblowers Welcome at ExposeFacts.org.”
Congo mines no longer in grip of warlords and militias, says report
Enough Project finds 2010 US law requiring companies like Apple and Intel to prove products are conflct-free has worked
Good news from Congo. And perhaps even more unexpectedly, it has come about with the help of users of mobile phones, legislators in Washington and corporate giants such as Apple and Intel. That is the finding of an investigation by the Enough Project, an anti-genocide campaign group, which says Congolese warlords have lost their grip on most of the country's mines and lucrative conflict minerals.
Long sleeves on bikinis: summer 2014's most unexpected trend
The 'rash guard' style of swimwear may have been born out of practicality, but now stylish beach loungers are choosing them to show off their midriffs too

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Our 10 best vegan recipes
If you still need to be convinced that vegan food is for everyone, these vibrant summer dishes, snappy snacks and luscious desserts will spin your perceptions around

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The real flying squad: on patrol with London's chopper coppers
What's it like to join the Met's helicopter crews as they race to the capital's crime scenes? Tim Dowling tours the base, goes on high-speed chases – and spots the Queen in her garden
There's a sign on the main gate of the Metropolitan police air support unit in Lippitts Hill reminding drivers to slow down for passing horses. It's that kind of place: verdant and ghostly quiet, on the edge of Epping Forest in Essex. The facility was once a US military base, and later a prisoner of war camp; the old barracks are now listed and, some say, haunted.

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Our big fat Greek privatisation scandals
Is Greece's privatisation spree really a success story?
A mere three weeks after the European elections, the political climate in Greece could hardly be more polarised. The ruling New Democracy/PASOK coalition has accepted that its percentages are by now in permanent decline, but are yet to admit defeat in the hands of SYRIZA who came first with 26.6 percent of the vote over ND's 22.7 percent. The dynamism of the far-right Golden Dawn rang alarm bells once again as 9.4 percent of Greeks voted for them in full knowledge they are under investigation for murder, forming a criminal organisation, money laundering, trafficking and much more.

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Bookshop memories: share your photos and stories
As Foyles closes the doors of its world famous, 111-year-old London store – and opens a new one – share words and images that stir your memories of independent bookshops
With Amazon still throwing its considerable weight into the ongoing dispute with Hachette and bean-counters bullish over prospects for the ebook market, this might not seem the best time to be opening a new bricks-and-mortar bookshop. But 111 years after the opening of its legendary Charing Cross Road shop, the independent bookshop Foyles is moving 100m down the road into a gleaming new vision of bookselling's future.

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Chef's Table: Do you prefer food or sex? – video
'No disrespect to my wife but' … what do some of our best-known culinary stars – from Anthony Garlando at Aqau Shard and Carlo Scotto at Babbo to Yogesh Datta at the Painted Heron – say to this timeless but nigh-on impossible question? After shifting uncomfortably in their chairs first, that is

7 U.S. National Parks You Didn't Know Existed

You know Yellowstone and Yosemite... but how much do you know about the America's 56 other National Parks?
These lesser-known National Parks are less popular than their famed counterparts, but they're just as beautiful. Whether you want to explore ocean, mountains, caverns or forest, these parks offer an adventure for everyone.

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The poor don't yearn for fish and chips. They want a future
Politicians aiming for the common touch with populist metaphors always fail. No one on a low income wants spending advice
Fish and chips is dangerous territory for politicians. Someone really should have told that to whoever at the Treasury thought it was a good idea to put out a list of 12 ways Scots could spend the £1,400 they would supposedly save by voting against independence.
The examples – such as fish and chips every day for 10 weeks "with a couple of portions of mushy peas thrown in" and "watch Aberdeen play all season with two mates – with a few pies and Bovrils thrown in for good measure" – were of course quickly decried as patronising by the SNP. It also rejected the £1,400 figure.

The War on Drugs Has Failed, So Let's Shut it Down
If I started a business and it was clearly failing, I would shut it down. The war on drugs has failed -- why isn't it being shut down?
As acclaimed filmmaker Eugene Jarecki's latest video shows, the war on drugs has failed in every way possible. Trying to wage the war on drugs has costs the U.S. $1 trillion, with another $51 billion adding to the tally each year. This has resulted in 45 million drug related arrests, with the U.S. now jailing 2.3 million prisoners -- more people than anyone else on the planet. What has all this accomplished? "Rates of addiction remain unchanged, overdose deaths are at an all-time high and drugs cost less than ever before."

Nigel Slater's seafood recipes
No need to throw away the bony bits of crabs, crayfish or even prawns – with a little care they can be transformed into delicious sauces and dressings
I like to use every bit of an animal, a vegetable or a fish. The bones for soup, the pan juices for a sauce, the vegetable peelings in a stock. Even pastry trimmings will be baked to nibble at with a cup of coffee as soon as they come from the oven.
There is much flavour to be had from a crab shell too, or even that of a bag of prawns or crayfish. To consign them to the bin unused is as wasteful as throwing away the bones of the Sunday roast before you have used them for stock or gravy.

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Top 10 open-air cinemas in Europe: readers' travel tips

With romantic locations under the stars, Europe's outdoor cinemas evoke the magic of the silver screen

Royal Mail sustainable fish special stamps – in pictures
Royal Mail marks World Environment Day by launching its first ever set of special stamps on threatened fish species to promote sustainable fishing in British waters. The 10-stamp set highlights the beauty of marine fish and encourages people to eat sustainable fish

Rare set of John Gould's bird books for sale – in pictures
John Gould was one of the most brilliant ornithologists of the 19th century, and a talented artist to boot. He worked with Charles Darwin, travelled the world to research the beautiful folio works he produced, and set up a publishing company to sell them. A complete set of his bird books, valued at £1.5m, is now on sale at Shapero Rare Books in London, the first private sale in over a quarter of a century. They can also be seen at Masterpiece London from 26 June-2 July 2014.Rare set of John Gould's bird books for sale – in pictures
John Gould was one of the most brilliant ornithologists of the 19th century, and a talented artist to boot. He worked with Charles Darwin, travelled the world to research the beautiful folio works he produced, and set up a publishing company to sell them. A complete set of his bird books, valued at £1.5m, is now on sale at Shapero Rare Books in London, the first private sale in over a quarter of a century. They can also be seen at Masterpiece London from 26 June-2 July 2014.

Life as a slave in Pakistan
Theoretically, Nanji and his family could eventually pay off their debt and start working for themselves. It almost never works out that way.
HYDERABAD, Pakistan — In one hand he clutches a hoe, in the other a small plastic truck. Hamo, 8, has worked as a farm laborer since he was five, alongside his 12 family members who are trapped working on the land of a faceless landlord.
They are slaves.
Nanji, Hamo’s father, has lived and worked for the last ten years on a plot of land just outside Hyderabad in southern Sindh. He’s spent his entire life as a bonded laborer, being sold between farms — first as a child with his parents and today as a father with his eight children. He arrived at his present the condition in the usual way: debt.

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Intimate apparel: a history of lingerie – in pictures

A new exhibition at New York's Fashion Institute of Technology, which opens 3 June, examines the history of underwear, from 18th century woollen corsets to the invention of the modern bra

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Editor's Choice

Nigel Slater's sausages with summer vegetables recipe
A seasonal sausage meal that also works as a salad the following dayThe recipe
Slice two Romano peppers in half lengthways. Halve a red and a yellow pepper, remove the seeds and core, then cut each lengthways into four pieces and put them in a large roasting tin. Halve two courgettes lengthways, then cut each half into thick chunks. Halve six medium tomatoes, then add them to the courgettes and peppers in the roasting tin. Pour over six tablespoons of olive oil, season with salt and pepper (be generous) then add two tablespoons of chopped thyme and toss the vegetables in the oil. Tuck six plump and herby sausages among the veg. Bake for about 35-45 minutes at 180C/gas mark 4, turning occasionally until you have tender vegetables, golden sausages and lots of cooking liquid


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Brazil's sex trade: How the country's one million prostitutes are preparing for the World Cup
The headlines say that the sex workers of Brazil are preparing for the World Cup with English lessons and credit-card facilities. But what is life really like in the country’s licensed brothels? Ewan MacKenna reports from the ‘zonas’ of Belo Horizonte, where England will play their final group match

In Pictures: Bustling Indian farmers' market

Initiative to cut out middlemen and tackle rising food prices reaps rewards in to-be-divided Andhra Pradesh state.
As the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh prepares to be officially divided on Monday, farmers in the new state aim to cut back on the influence of middlemen, who get away with bulk of profits from their produce.
India has seen a steep hike in vegetable and fruit prices, a point underscored by a World Bank report, but the profit has barely trickled down to the farming community.
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