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Our Authentic Cheddar
Award Winning Authentic Cheddar Cheese
We are proud to have won medals for our cheeses at prestigious shows during 2014 in additon to previous years awards.
All our cheese is hand made using local, unpasteurised milk - remember, it's the only Cheddar made in Cheddar!
Please note that we mature our authentic cheddar cheese in the traditional way, dressing it in muslin cheese cloth. The majority of our cut portions will have rind on them which a number of people enjoy grating over salads. In days gone by cheese rind used to be used to soothe babies teething.
However if you prefer the minimum rind possible on your cheese please enter this in the "Other Information" box during the check out process, thank you.

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10 places to find reviewers for your self-published book

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From effortlessly-elegant maxi dresses to our standout party and evening dresses, ensure you're always one step ahead of the curve with the best new designer dresses from Alexander McQueen, Diane von Furstenberg, Mary Katrantzou and more.

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How to make shortcrust pastry

Knowing how to make your own pastry is a crucial skill, and it’s not that difficult. Start with this autumnal shortcrust pumpkin pie – just in time for Thanksgiving

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 ‘Inspirational’ Lynda Bellingham tops the book charts

The actor’s cancer memoir There’s Something I’ve Been Dying to Tell You, published just before her death last month, has become an instant bestseller
• Lynda Bellingham obituary

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10 Desserts to Impress
Whether you're cooking for a celebration, a book club, or a dinner party at home, these ten desserts won't let you down. We've gathered the fudgiest chocolate cakes, the creamiest flan, the most over-the-top cheesecake–all creations guaranteed to make you shine.

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Why I’m staying in Afghanistan

As western troops withdraw from Afghanistan, a small number of foreigners remain. They talk about the war-torn country they have come to love

Let’s stick together: Yotam Ottolenghi’s recipe for the ultimate homemade kebab with all the trimmings

I’ve made it my mission to make a proper kebab at home – including bread, pickles and other condiments. And I think I’ve cracked it

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How do I sell eBooks on line?

You are an author and your literary work is finally finished. Now, you want to sell your book, but you don’t know how. It’s very difficult to get to large publishers. Even so it must be possible as ebook. But you have too little expertise in marketing and distribution channels to start on your own.

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Jack Monroe’s prawn bibimbap recipe

Enjoy this traditional Korean dish, with its kaleidoscope of colours and flavours, on a bleak winter’s day
I had my first – and only – authentic bibimbap in a Korean restaurant on holiday earlier this year. As the scalding-hot stone pot (called a dolsot) landed on our table, I couldn’t resist photographing it: this culinary kaleidoscope was something I wanted to recreate on a bleak day.

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A Turkish Town Where Baklava Beckons
The first thing you notice among passengers departing from Oguzeli Airport in Gaziantep, Turkey, is the profusion of shopping bags containing baklava, the intensely sweet Middle Eastern phyllo pastry and nut confection that is a staple of every Turkish celebration. This city of about a million people, in the province of the same name and situated on the Silk Road about 530 miles southeast of Istanbul, claims some 100 baklava shops, which supply 90 percent of the baklava consumed in Turkey. Last December, Gaziantep baklava, which is made with locally grown pistachio nuts, was awarded “protected status” by the European Union, a designation that recognizes a specific local food, protects it from imitators and potentially helps boost tourism to the area.

Pistachio Mafia,
Editor’s Note: Security concerns in southeastern Turkey temporarily disrupted the sequence of walk dispatches. Today, we resume the storytelling from the trail in chronological order.
A man drives up behind us on a bright red motor scooter.
The scooter bears a decorative sticker: Atatürk, in famous silhouette, walking on a hilltop at the battle of Dumlupinar. The man carries a shotgun strapped across his shoulder. He wears an ammo belt glinting with shotgun shells cinched about his wide belly. His name is Cebir Sercan. He tells us to stop. He says we might get shot if we continue walking.
The secret to making great curry

The complex flavours of curries are governed by just three things: generous spicing; onion, ginger and garlic done just right; and something to give it body. Then simply improvise...

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Mamta’s Kitchen
A family Cookbook

This family run recipe site is intended to be a 'living' cookbook, constantly updated and refreshed. Enjoy our great selection of Indian and international recipes, sumptuous meal ideas and cooking tips and visit our discussion forum to ask questions and share feedback.
Since the site went live back in May 2001, we have had a total of 15725330 visits. Of those, 16380 were yesterday and 16409 so far today!