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Clips don't lie: video of Oxford students' a cappella cover draws Shakira's praise

Out of the Blue find internet fame after Colombian singer takes to Twitter and Facebook to laud their version of her hit song

Δευτέρα, 28 Ιουλίου 2014

 Nervous supermarkets left with miles of aisles they don't want
Tesco and Asda raced to add retail space for two decades. Now the shoppers have all gone elsewhere
Detroit Shuts Off Water to Residents but Not to Businesses Who Owe Millions

Sinéad O'Connor interview: 'I deserve to be a priest. Music is a priesthood'

Soon to release her 10th album, the famously iconoclastic singer hasn't mellowed much. Here she talks about feminism, the sexualisation of youth and why she's still proud of Nothing Compares 2 U

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Motion Silhouette Interactive Book

Motion Silhouette est un livre pour enfants interactif absolument magnifique imaginé par les japonais Megumi Kajiwara & Tathuhiko Nijima. Avec la présence de silhouettes en pop-up dans le livre, cette création ravira les plus petits comme les plus grands.

Τετάρτη, 23 Ιουλίου 2014

DNA hope on schizophrenia: Research breakthrough points at over 100 genes
The largest study ever undertaken into the genetic basis of mental illnesses has found more than 100 genes that play some kind of role in the development of schizophrenia – one of the most common of the serious psychiatric disorders.
Scientists believe they are closer than they have ever been to understanding the complex interplay between genes and upbringing that can result in some people being at high risk of developing schizophrenia, which usually strikes in late adolescence or early adulthood.

Prince George at one: style icon, globetrotter, 'toddler with the best hair'
Kensington Palace is being coy about plans for the prince's first birthday party, but there's no secrecy around his media clout

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The world's first indoor city: a greatest hits mashup of London and New York

Dubai's Mall of the World will have its very own Oxford Street and Broadway. It will also have galleons, waterfalls, a giant retractable dome – and be climate-controlled

Snowden Claims NSA Workers Circulate 'Sexually Compromising' Images of Targets

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Five Species That Are Quietly Dying Off While Nobody Pays Attention

Beyond Jean Harlow: Rarely Seen Photos of Glamorous Black Women

Cambridge beats London to be named top location where houses sell fastest in Britain
Cambridge has been revealed as having the hottest property market in the UK, even beating London to become the place where houses sell faster than anywhere else in the country, a survey has shown.
According to the property website Rightmove, homes listed on its website in the university city take just 27 days to change hands – compared with 41 days across Greater London.

The restaurants that double as hair salons, bike shops and book stores

At Hurwundeki in London, you get can a sharp haircut and a plate of bibimbap – and plenty of other restaurants, bars and cafes now offer dual services too

Τρίτη, 15 Ιουλίου 2014

How capital captured politics

WikiLeaks has shown us that western democracies are now ruled by market forces that debase the very notion of freedom

 Japanese plant experts produce 10,000 lettuce heads a day in LED-lit indoor farm

 How best to rip 1,500 music CDs? Your tech questions answered
They take more storage space, but lossless formats preserve the music's original quality

Έκαναν τον γύρο της Ελλάδας σε 13 ημέρες (vid)


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Meet the new boss: Jason Wu

 Jason Wu went from doll's house to White House, a fashion-obsessed child who graduated from making clothes for his Barbies to dressing Michelle Obama. Now he's revolutionising the womenswear at Hugo Boss

People Still Don’t Know the Difference Between “Organic” and “Local
Organic' vs 'local', the saga continues
It’s no secret that the organic food market is ever-growing. Organic food hit $28.4 billion in sales last year, and the Nutrition Business Journal reports that organic food products will reach and estimated $35 billion in 2014. Yet despite the popularity of “local” and “organic,” Americans are still very confused about what those words mean, according to a recent study published in the International Food and Agribusiness Management Review.
14 recipe ideas for leftover milk
We throw away 290,000 tonnes of milk a year - from soups to puddings, why not use it in a delicious recipe before it goes off?

20 Most Peaceful Countries in the World

You Do Pig Cheeks? You're Hired. Restaurants Face Labor Crunch
A labor crunch fueled by improving consumer confidence is cooking in the restaurant industry as venues from San Francisco to New York increase wages and benefits to attract cooks, servers and dishwashers.
“We had an open call for staff I posted on at least three sites at up to $80 an ad,” said Casey Thompson, executive chef at Aveline in San Francisco. “Zero people came.”

How to Make Choco Tacos at Home

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The History of the Bikini

On July 5, 1946, a French engineer called Louis Réard unveiled an outfit "smaller than the world's smallest swimsuit." It arrived with a bang, so named after the nuclear tests at Bikini Atoll, and remains popular to this day

 The playlist: Reggae/Dancehall
It's festival time, so here's a look at the new crop of essential dancehall and reggae tracks, from Jesse Royal and Major Lazer's Greedy Babylon to Protoje's Who Knows?

The Making of Iconic American Photographs
A photographer’s contact sheet gives context to a single picture — it fills in its scene and characters, and provides the viewer with a better idea of what really happened. But it also highlights the seemingly infinite ways photos can be edited — tweaked slightly to convey different emotions. A new Magnum Photos Contact Sheet Exhibition, on display at Milk Gallery through July 13, explores the process behind the making and editing of many iconic images. There’s Elizabeth Taylor’s famous beach scene in 1959, Jackie at JFK’s funeral in 1963, Paul Fusco’s powerful pictures of Americans saluting the RFK Funeral train in 1968. The show, which puts marked-up contact sheets alongside their final selections, is a tribute to both American photography — and photo editing. Click through our slideshow (and click the images to zoom in on contact sheets) for highlights from the show. 

Feeding your plants – a simple guide

If you want your container garden to thrive, it's vital to feed your plants appropriately. Here, the Vertical Veg man explains how
When I first started growing my own fruit and veg in containers, I found information about how, when and what to feed plants in containers surprisingly hard to come by. Perhaps this isn’t surprising. Crop nutrition is never going to be a sexy subject. At its best it’s a complicated and slightly smelly one. Still, if you want your plants to thrive in containers, you need to put a bit of thought into feeding them. You can dedicate a lifetime to learning about crop nutrition. But I’ve found a little knowledge can go a long way.

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Prince Charles has every right to a voice in how the UK is run
This is his country as much as ours, and doesn't appear to be an especially successful lobbyist, so why shouldn't he air his views?
Well, what is Prince Charles supposed to do with his time as he waits for the top job? Not, apparently, play any part in day-to-day policymaking, still less to try to influence those actually elected to do it. Revelations that the heir to the throne has stuck his oar in – or had "quiet words" – with government ministers over the years on matters as diverse and weighty as climate change and grammar schools have unleashed an outcry about the proper role of a prince.